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Business Coaching


Business Coaching are for you who need personal coaching and sparring with loose agenda, which is based on what you need to give focus right now.

  • You have some ambitions and goals you can’t redeem.
  • You need a different perspective on your situation as ex. opening a business in specific niche
  • You need to create a better balance between your private and your working life
  • You need some concrete tools for specific issues about running or developing a business

In this process you will get sparring, challenge, advice, coaching, development and perspective according to your needs. I work with your mindset so you can see opportunities and create solutions that are long-term and congruent with the you are and what you stand for.

Together we will identify your personal goals and follow up on your progress and challenges.

My job is to keep you to stay focused on achieving your goals, ambitions and dreams – all that is most important to you. I help you on the right track and give you concrete tools you will be able to use for your personal development in your management.

How is it working?

A session lasts approx. 55-60 min.
The sessions can be held in your place/office, in my office in Hobro or via Skype or by telephone. This saves you valuable time and transportation. The sessions will be as effective, they will be just different.

If you are interested in a business coaching or have any questions, please contact me.