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    I would like to get help regarding a tax report for my company?
    It depends on which company form you have selected. You can read more about the company form here and then
    you can read more about how to report your tax as individuel or corporation.  

    Where can I find information about costums?
    You can find information here.  

    VAT in Denmark?
    When you are running a company in Denmark you may pay 25 % as Value Added Taxes (VAT). You can read and learn more about VAT here

    What is “punktafgift” or excise duty?
    Excise duties are special taxes on ex. packaging, spirits, chocolate and games. Some excise duties are also called environmental and energy taxes, such as taxes on electricity and oil. You can read more about excise duties here.

    How is it working with “told” or costums?
    When you are trading as import-export company you may know more about costums. You can read more about it here.

    Who can help me with bookkeeping?
    You can get help her


    How to register an engineering company?

    You can register your company on www.virk.dk by using your NemID. If you are considering to register a corporation,
    I will suggest to get advice from a lawyer or an accounter about it. Or use the link to register a company her. Do I need some import or export licens when I establish a trading company?
    Before you export or import goods to non-EU countries (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), your company must register as an exporter/importer with the Danish Business Authority on www.virk.dk 

    What is the rules about mobile street business?
    If you wish to sell daily commodities such as food and beverages on the street, there are certain rules and regulations that you should be aware of. You can read more about rules here.