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International Hub

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The vision of the International Hub is to serve as a central offline and online platform for fostering robust initiatives that promote business development and innovation, emphasizing support for both international residents and businesses.

The primary goal of the International Hub is to facilitate the exploration and growth of entrepreneurial ideas among international citizens.

The International Hub aids international entrepreneurs in securing their own office, co-working space, or virtual office, as well as connecting them with potential business partners. Moreover, it provides access to shared meeting facilities as required.

In addition to the provision of office amenities, international entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to engage in all activities and events alongside other entrepreneurs.

In addition to being a part of the International Hub, you can subscribe to a startup subscription , which can assist in the growth of your business.


Entrepreneur ́s Fridays Café

Socialization and networking with the local population by involving local businesses, associations and cultural offers.


Establishing networks either with local networks or setting up new networks

International Startup Service

Guide to start and run a business in Denmark. 

Advice 1:1

Specialized counselling aimed at international entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Education

Support knowledge of entrepreneurship and job opportunities in Denmark. 

Teaching Danish

Learn Danish in order to be able to use it in relation to your own business i Denmark.