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Hobro International Hub is managed by Plus Consult. 

Our partners are companies, startups and mentors that are looking for future partners, suppliers and portfolio companies. Through Hobro International Hub get in touch with startups that may innovate your business. By collaborating with our partners get new innovative impulses, promote entrepreneurial thinking internally while simultaneously providing a valuable contribution to society.

If you or your company want to be a partner, please send e-mail.


Corporate partners

International House North Denmark

Whether you are thinking about moving to North Denmark, have just arrived, or have been here for a while, you probably seek information about various aspects of life in the region.


We help companies with their bookkeeping, payroll systems, payment routines, invoicing and financial reporting – a particularly valuable service to smaller companies.

Kramm – Jura For Dig

You can come out for situations with your business where you need legal advice. Therefore, it is important that you choose a legal advisor that you are comfortable with and trust.

Optimist Writer

A writer and specialist in business development, information technology, semiconductor physics and electronic engineering, Victoria founded Optimist Writer in 2015 as a writing, publishing and consulting business.



The startup guide at Startinfo.dk is written based on 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, the advice of more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, teaching in 100-show of entrepreneurship courses and own experience with the operation of now a total of 4 startups.


Here you’ll find 100 answers to help you do the right thing when you start as an entrepreneur or a self-employed in Denmark.



Abeindang Emmanuel Obad

Emmanuel can help you with: Customer Relationship and requirements management, export management and international marketing standards, market analysis within complex environments and formulation of digital marketing strategies to help businesses reach their market objectives, Intercultural skills and internal marketing practices. Languages: English, French, Danish, Pidgin English

Nidal Seide

Nidal can help you with: Teaching and cultural knowledge to individuals and groups from the Middle East; Public speeches on topics of culture, integration, Middle Eastern religions and culture in Europe; Support Arabic speaking entrepreneurs, interpreting and translation services. Languages: Arabic, Danish, English.