Whay I started my Business?

    My name is Emmanuel Obad and I decided to become an entrepreneur in 2005 when I opened my first consulting company after I left school. This was very challenging and I decided to look for a job and later move to Denmark for studies. After my studies in Denmark, I got a job but later became dissatisfied with myself and my dreams. At the point, I knew I had to go back to my original plan to become an entrepreneur.

    I consulted some few people including Edin and decided again to re-start my consulting business. Few years later, I also spot another opportunity in the trading business. From that point, October 2016, I decided to start a trading company within the Food and Medical sector.

    At the moment, I own the below companies: 
    – Africa business Index (Marketing and sales consulting company)
    – Peemix (Food and medical trading worldwide)
    – PeemixFruitsBuea (Fruits and fruits-salad delivery)

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